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When Is the Best Time for Your Kitchen Remodel?

Planning the best time for a kitchen remodel varies with every household. If you’ve allocated your kitchen remodeling budget and want to get started on your project right away, consider these suggestions from Catalyst Construction Inc.’s kitchen remodeling experts in Austin, TX.

Due to the scope of the project, kitchen renovations present a scheduling conflict with your family, especially for homes with children. Many families opt for the summer to start their kitchen remodeling process due to more relaxed schedules and vacation times. 

Summer also provides several benefits for contractors. They can enjoy air-conditioning while working inside your home. Also, the abundance of bright natural lighting during the summer helps accurately identify the colors of cabinets, countertops, flooring, and walls in your kitchen.

Eating Meals

During the construction phase of your kitchen remodel, you need to decide where to eat your daily meals during construction. Eating out at restaurants can put a strain on your kitchen remodeling budget as well as your diet. Depending on your eating preferences, a simple microwave or air fryer might suffice for all your meals. 

Late spring or early summer makes a great time for a kitchen remodel because you can take advantage of pleasant outdoor weather for a backyard cookout. You may need to evaluate contractor prices and availability during this time, however. Both spring and summer mark a busy period for contractors with significantly higher labor costs.

Cold Weather

Unlike during the warmer months, contractors become more available during the fall and winter seasons and typically offer less expensive rates for their services. The holidays also provide opportunities for discounts on home goods. Stock up on supplies during promotions like Black Friday, even if you don’t plan on installing them immediately. Having all the necessary resources on hand can help keep your project on track and prevent any unnecessary delays.

Compared to winter, fall still serves as one of the best times for a kitchen remodel. You still have abundant natural lighting available and the most flexibility from contractors. Also, by wrapping up renovations in the fall, you can open your home for guests and showcase your new kitchen in time for the holidays.

Product Lead Times

Product lead times make the winter months less ideal for a kitchen remodel. Suppliers often fulfill contract orders slower during this period which can cause unexpected delays for your project beyond your contractor’s control. Cabinetry often has longer lead times due to construction and delivery times. Always plan ahead and start shopping as soon as possible to avoid delays and product backorders.  

Other common items that may require early ordering include:

  • Faucets
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Large appliances
  • Countertops

Determine the best time for your kitchen remodel once you have the majority of the necessary resources on hand.

Contact Catalyst Construction for Your Custom Kitchen Remodel

Choosing when to remodel your kitchen is just one of the kitchen renovation considerations our team at Catalyst Construction Inc. can help you decide. When you need the best quality craftsmanship for a complete kitchen transformation in Austin, TX, call the home remodeling experts, Catalyst Construction Inc., at 512-535-0544 today!

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4 thoughts on “When Is the Best Time for Your Kitchen Remodel?”

  1. Jeanie Manser

    Great tips! I could have used them before we started our renovations. I’d also add the advice to set a realistic budget! We’re finishing up some renovations and it’s already stressful enough without having to think about the cost! Luckily, we talked about our budget and set it in stone before we started, and in some areas, we were able to save money, like in our cabinet painting! I would recommend everyone to set a realistic budget just because it can help lessen stress in the future! Great article, though! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m delighted you mentioned choosing the ideal time for your kitchen renovation after having the majority of the required materials on hand. My parents, who want to rebuild their kitchen for a more modern, calm appearance, will hear that fantastic news. It’s great that they want to update their kitchen since sometimes it may be stuffy and seem so antiquated. I only hope they can locate a quality builder.

  3. You made a good point when you mentioned that having your kitchen remodeled during the summer allows contractors to enjoy air conditioning. Would it be a good idea to stay in another location for a couple of days while your kitchen is being remodeled? I would think that the contractors would be able to work faster if you aren’t getting in their way.

  4. It’s great that you mentioned that summer provides a lot of benefits when you are remodeling your kitchen. It seems like it could be a good idea to plan a family vacation during the time you are having your kitchen remodeled. It would probably be a good idea to stay in contact with the contractors during your trip so that you can follow the progress of the remodeling project.

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