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5 Things to Consider When Renovating a Kitchen

The kitchen often becomes the heart and warmth of your home, but without aesthetics and functionality, you can quickly lose your love for it. Even if the space worked for you at some point, kitchens eventually become outdated, meaning their fixtures become worn, paint fades, and appliances grow less effective and energy efficient. Other times, residents simply look for an opportunity to match their changing personalities.

However, before breaking down walls and buying a new island, here are five things to consider when renovating a kitchen. At Catalyst Construction, Inc., our family-owned and operated team has over 15 years of experience assisting homeowners like you. Trust our certified kitchen remodeling contractors in Austin, TX, each embodying transparency and a keen eye for detail to bring your blueprints to life.

If you’ve had your kitchen for a while, you’ve probably noticed some obsolete add-ons irrelevant to your family’s needs. For instance, if you have a breakfast nook taking up a large portion of your smaller kitchen, but your kids always find their way in front of the living room television when eating before school, tearing it out may offer the best way to open up the floorplan. 

Or if your growing family makes a habit of eating at the kitchen island, but you’re running out of space, you may need a larger one with more seating. Either way, list what should go permanently and what incorporations you need moving forward. 

You should also research to determine not only what would make your new kitchen complete but also the specific style and size of these additions to best outline your dream kitchen. Receive inspiration for kitchen designs anywhere, from Pinterest and Better Homes and Gardens to your neighbor’s newly decorated abode. Full layouts help you better decipher your style and what you need for optimal flow.

Budgeting for Your Remodel

You can easily go overboard with all the high-end, shiny, new appliances on the market and end up with something that does more than you need it to. Rather than spend all you have on your renovation behind one kitchen insert, pace your spending and budget for a kitchen remodel. 

Roughly determine what you plan to upgrade in your kitchen, whether adding new cabinets and replacing the refrigerator or gutting the entire room, including stripping the walls to replace wiring and plumbing pipes. Use your list from step one and write down prices for each new item alongside installation costs. Ask friends who’ve undergone the process or call a contractor to relay accurate prices.

Taking Care of Electricity and Plumbing

One of the most important things to consider when renovating a kitchen includes upgrading your electrical wiring to code. Your contractor must place at least two 20-amp circuits within the kitchen, with at least one powering the room’s lights. You must also have electrical outlets spanning the kitchen countertop, leaving no spot further than two feet away from one. 

Each outlet must also have a GFCI protector, especially since they’re near water, that shuts off the power if there’s a short circuit to prevent fires and shocks. 

Also, depending on your plumbing fixtures, they may be close to the end of their lifespans, so ask the contractor to examine the pipes’ condition. For instance, while copper may last 20 years, cast iron lasts up to 100. However, if you have an old home or the fixtures had improper care or installation, they may need immediate assistance. Take care of that now rather than tear apart your new kitchen in a few years.

Updating Existing Kitchen Surfaces: Walls and Floors

Once your plumbing and wiring meet the codes, professional contractors will apply drywall with furring strips and go over it with joint tape and compound. Afterward, you can bring your color scheme to life by choosing your paint colors and designs for your walls. Otherwise, either change your entire wall look by wallpapering, adding a brick accent wall, or incorporating wood trim.

If you include new flooring in your new floor plan, consider options that match your new walls while remaining practical. For instance, if you switch from smooth, wooden floors with no grooves to more elevated tiles with deep grooves, ensure they’re not too high to block cabinet doors from opening or become a tripping hazard. 

Switching to tile may also mean you need an added plywood subfloor to uphold the tile, so ask your contractor about all the necessary steps and costs beforehand.

Upgrading Other Surfaces: Cabinets and Countertops

Among things to consider when renovating a kitchen, you need to decide whether you want to install custom cabinets. While you can repaint or stain existing ones, you may prefer a new set, especially if you change from wood or vinyl cabinets to glass or vice versa. However, you have more to think about than just aesthetics since you should consider leaning walls, sloped floors, and corners that affect how your drawers open and close. 

The right countertops affect how your cabinets and drawers come together, so make sure you choose something that complements it well. Also, because countertops are where you do most of your meal preparation, determine the appropriate material for your daily needs. 

For instance, while marble makes an elegant option, its porous rock material soaks up liquids and stains. If you prefer not to take the extra step to laminate this already expensive material, consider quartz, a great durable alternative. On the other hand, if you more frequently turn to take out, softer and more cost-effective wood or laminate will suffice.

Let the Heart of Your Home Steal Your Heart Again!

With careful planning, your new kitchen design will leave you with a breathtaking new household room and a work triangle that makes functioning between your refrigerator, sink, and stove effortless. 

At Catalyst Construction, Inc., in Austin, TX, we know what things to consider when renovating a kitchen. Call 512-535-0544 when it’s time for a kitchen remodel to get a free quote from our organized, qualified, and transparent team today!

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  1. Setting a budget makes all the difference! Money already is stressful, and adding unknown expenses/money to the equation makes it even worse. Sometimes, you can even save money on some projects like we did on cabinet refacing, and you can put it towards other areas or new appliances! This is great advice, thanks for sharing!

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