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How to Set the Perfect Budget for Your Kitchen Remodel

Renovating your kitchen adds life to your Austin home and increases the resale value of your property. Without an organized budget, however, many homeowners find themselves spending much more than they anticipated. Before delving into your next big home improvement project, learn to set a reasonable budget for your kitchen remodel. 

Catalyst Construction Inc. offers full-scale kitchen remodeling services in Austin, TX, and has the advice to help you transform your kitchen on a budget you can afford.

Whether you want to replace existing cabinets or add a new tile backsplash, you need to set a realistic budget for your kitchen remodel. Double-check your finances during the planning phase before committing to any materials or plans. Knowing how much you can afford will help you make informed decisions concerning your upgrade options and makes all the difference during the renovation process.

Consider the Long Term

Before getting carried away with upgrades, consider your long-term plans with your home. If you plan on moving within five years, don’t spend more on renovations than you hope to gain when selling the house. If you plan on staying in your home longer than five years, you have more freedom to make your kitchen remodel as tailored to your style and preferences as possible as long as you stay within your budget.

Break Down Costs and Expenses

One of the most important things to consider when renovating a kitchen comes down to cost. The average upscale kitchen remodel costs around $80,000. Balance your budget accordingly by familiarizing yourself with the different costs associated with your renovation. 

Consider this list of expenses for an average kitchen remodel: 

  • 35%: Cabinet hardware
  • 25%: Labor
  • 20%: Appliances
  • 10%: Flooring
  • 5-8%: Countertops
  • 5-7%: Plumbing
  • 3%: Permits and other

Avoid Overspending

During the remodeling phase, you may find adding small fixtures or additional upgrades tempting. Always ask yourself if you’ve allocated these items into your budget previously. If not, try to skip the extras to avoid overspending.

Prepare for Unexpected Costs

To avoid a financial scramble during your kitchen remodel, dedicate at least 20% of your remodeling budget to cover unexpected costs. Some of the expenses you may face during the renovation process include:

  • Replacing outdated wiring
  • Removing mold from interior walls 
  • Fixing water damage and plumbing issues

Stay Organized

Make an itemized checklist to keep an eye on your spending. Using a spreadsheet helps you allocate your funds and keep track of every dollar you spend during your remodel. As bills and invoices begin to accumulate, staying organized will help you manage costs and account for every square foot of your remodel much more easily.

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Catalyst Construction Inc. has served the Austin area with home transformations since 2007. We specialize in full-scale kitchen remodels with superior craftsmanship and always complete jobs in a timely manner. As a family-owned and -operated remodeling company, we always bring you transparent estimates and work within your budget for a kitchen remodel.

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