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8 Reasons Why You Need a Kitchen Backsplash

Are you seeking a minimalist approach to revamping your kitchen? As Austin’s kitchen remodeling contractor, our team at Catalyst Construction recommends that you consider a kitchen backsplash for a pop of complementary color and patterns. A well-designed backsplash will elevate your kitchen in ways few renovation projects will. 

A backsplash never falls out of style depending on the type of tile. You can choose from a variety of:

  • Colors
  • Tile designs
  • Patterns
  • Styles
  • Sizes

Each combination of elements adds a unique visual flare that elevates your whole kitchen.

Explore your aesthetic preferences in-depth before making a final decision. If your kitchen boasts a clean style with solid, light colors, mosaic tiles with complementary colors and unique patterns will uplift its appearance. For minimal, modern kitchens, try neutral, natural tones like warm brick reds or cool grays.

#2: Simplified Cleaning Process

Even the cleanest kitchens catch food and oil splashes during the cooking process. Many homeowners forget their kitchen walls can fall prey to stubborn spills too. You might have difficulty cleaning the average drywall with cleaning products and a sponge.

Many cleaning products can damage the wall’s paint. Wall tile, however, doesn’t fade or erode as easily. When grease pops out of the frying pan or oil splashes from a mixing bowl, you can easily wipe the mess away without harming the tile’s visual integrity.

#3: Environmentally Friendly

Numerous manufacturers make backsplash tiles from recycled materials. Instead of choosing non-renewable materials, you’ll discover a wide tile selection that includes reusable materials. This makes a positive impact on the environment.

Additionally, manufacturers make glass tile backsplash from easily sourced materials. Ceramic and porcelain tiles contain materials that manufacturers can mine and create without using as much fuel or pollutants. It offers a trendy yet timeless option that protects future resources.

#4: Stress-Free Installation

Kitchen backsplash installation can seem like a challenging process for the average homeowner. But choosing a skilled installer greatly simplifies the installation process. Your tile will add value and beauty to your home when installed professionally.

A professional kitchen remodeling contractor removes the guesswork from the equation. They’ll take precise measurements, choose quality materials, and pay attention to the details throughout the process. You’ll reap the benefits of professional installation for years to come.

#5: Easy Maintenance

Not only will you enjoy a hands-off installation process, but you’ll also appreciate easy routine maintenance. You can easily clean your backsplash each day no matter what cooking products find their way to the tiles. Additionally, you won’t have to stress if a tile falls out of the pattern.

Although missing or damaged tiles are rare occurrences, they do occasionally happen. If you notice a damaged tile, you can gently remove it. Then, mix up the same grout used for the rest of the backsplash. Finally, add a new, matching tile to the pattern and allow it to dry.

#6: Raises Your Home Value

When potential buyers seek new houses to purchase, they pay attention to smaller details. One defining factor of a home’s resale price is the kitchen. A good backsplash will certainly catch their attention.

If you want to increase your home’s value, research tile styles and materials that offer an increased return on value. Some materials are more durable and attractive than others. You should shop for such quality options in colors and patterns that pull the whole kitchen together.

#7: Damage Resistance

When you spend time in the kitchen, you’ll quickly notice that humidity factors into the lifespan of several appliances and structures. Moisture can cause mold, warping, and rust on any material it touches. Yet, you can’t easily avoid it when so many recipes and cooking methods require water and other liquids.

Most tile materials easily resist moisture damage. Thus, they’ll protect the wall area beneath them. Since tile and grout don’t absorb moisture like other materials, it can reduce the likelihood that mold develops within your kitchen.

Some tile varieties also boast heat resistance, which adds an extra protective layer within your kitchen. Since kitchens include heat-powered appliances, a heat-resistant tile may prevent fires from sparking or spreading. Ask your tile installer about moisture and heat-resistant options.

#8: Endless Possibilities

You can purchase tiles in numerous materials, colors, patterns, and other styles. If you want to personalize your kitchen’s aesthetic, you’ll discover endless possibilities while you shop for tile. This variety of options comes in handy when matching countertop and backsplash options.

Consider both visual appeal and functionality when choosing your tile. Answer the following questions during your shopping adventure:

  • Which tile colors will match pre-existing colors in my kitchen?
  • Will colorful patterns improve the aesthetic? Or should I opt for something simple to prevent clashing colors?
  • What types of tiles will improve my kitchen’s function and safety?
  • Which backsplash examples are trends? Which ones have fashionable staying power?

If you struggle to find detailed answers, an experienced kitchen remodeling company will guide you.

How to Choose Your Kitchen Backsplash

An overwhelming tile selection at home improvement stores may tempt you to make a quick purchase. However, you shouldn’t make a final purchase without completing the following steps first: 

  1. Set aside a flexible budget. Before embarking on your backsplash journey, identify how much money you should spend. 
  2. Identify the function and vision you want your tiles to achieve. 
  3. Get quotes from different remodeling contractors. During your discussions with them, present your budget and vision. 
  4. Choose the best contractor for the job. 
  5. Allow your chosen contractor to handle the project. A reputable remodeling contractor will take the initiative to communicate with you when necessary. 

Following these steps ensures you achieve the desired result.

Choose Catalyst Construction, Inc To Design Your Dream Kitchen

Installing a backsplash shouldn’t be a source of stress. Once you contact us, our team at Catalyst Construction, Inc will go over your kitchen backsplash vision in detail to ensure you get the most out of your kitchen. We can also assist you in other remodeling projects.

Call us at 512-535-0544 to request a free quote from a qualified remodeling contractor.

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