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The Benefits of Custom Cabinetry: Is It Worth the Investment?

Custom cabinetry is a growing trend in the Austin suburbs. If, like many homeowners, you are considering replacing your existing cabinetry with custom cabinets, a cost-benefit analysis in the planning stage can ensure that you are happy with the result. Catalyst Construction has advice for getting the most out of your custom cabinets and keeping costs down throughout the process.

The main costs for custom kitchen cabinets is the manufacture of the cabinetry itself and the labor required to assemble and install it. You might be tempted to reduce costs by installing cabinets as a DIY project or hiring the contractor who provides the lowest bid. Some homeowners economize by choosing low-cost, off-the-shelf cabinetry. While professionally installed, quality custom cabinets might cost more initially, they could save you money later on due to:

  • Increased durability and longevity
  • Consultations about layout and aesthetics with a design expert
  • Correct assembly, reducing the risk of a part failing
  • Eliminating the risk of injury from DIY projects
  • Greater choice in cabinet types and features

The Benefits of a Custom Kitchen Remodel

Aside from quality construction overall, how can custom cabinets improve the value, usability, and style of your cabinets? Imagine right now that you are standing in your kitchen. How could the following enhance your experience?

Efficient Cabinet Layouts

Is everything at your fingertips in your kitchen? Do all of your utensils and cookware fit properly into cabinets and drawers? If your kitchen is a cluttered hassle, talk to a kitchen cabinet design specialist about designing cabinets that fit the way you use your kitchen. Add racks, hooks, and other accessories to make it easier to use space efficiently.

Attractive Cabinet Colors and Styles

Buying cabinetry allows you to use different combinations of cabinet elements to create a nearly limitless variety of cabinet options. For example, you could add antique handles to your cabinets use sleek, modern cabinet doors and face frames to achieve a look you won’t see on the shelf of a home improvement supply store.

Durable Cabinet Finishes

The doors and drawers of most cabinets are vulnerable to scuffs, stains, and other forms of damage. Children often leave fingerprints on doors and drawer fronts. Knives, forks, and kitchen tools can leave scratches when users try to cram them into overstuffed drawers. Choosing custom cabinetry gives you the ability to choose the paint finish or style that offers protection against damage.

Ergonomic Cabinet Designs

Many people have to stoop or crouch to retrieve items from base cabinets or have to strain to reach the top shelves of wall cabinets. The door to one cabinet might get in the way of another door or get in the way of kitchen appliances. Professional designers of custom cabinets can alter elements, such as the door latches, the placement of shelves, and the height of the countertop or the shelves in the top of the base cabinets to make the shelves easier to use.

Tips To Enhance Your Return on Investment

You can optimize the benefits of your custom cabinets in three ways: reducing costs, increasing the tangible value of the remodeled kitchen, and to increase intangible benefits such as your pride of ownership or the enjoyment that you get from being in your remodeled kitchen.

Ready-to-assemble cabinets cost less to transport and can be easier to assemble and install, even if they consist of the same materials and cabinet components. 

When you install kitchen cabinets in your home, you can update the aesthetic of your home so that it either blends in better with the prevailing design trends in the neighborhood or, alternatively, that it stands out from comparable homes in the area. It is impossible to say that a particular cabinet will increase your home’s resale value, but quality custom cabinets in general confer the following benefits:

  • Demonstrate the effort that the seller puts into improving the home
  • Allow the buyer to avoid the cost of a kitchen remodel when they take possession of the house
  • Catch the eye of more homebuyers and increase the chance of offers
  • Reassure the buyer that the kitchen will look new for many years

Schedule Your Custom Kitchen Remodel With Catalyst Construction

Once you decide to install custom cabinets in your home, call Catalyst Construction at 512-535-0544. You will be able to talk with an expert in custom cabinets and request a proposal. Catalyst Construction is an insured cabinetry installation specialist with a history of outstanding cabinetry and kitchen remodeling work in the Austin, TX, area.

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  1. It’s great to know that custom cabinetry allows you to customize the latches and placement of shelves. My kitchen is really tall, so normal cabinets often leave a big gap above them. I think my only option might be to get custom cabinets to fit the space.

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