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5 Remodeling Mistakes to Watch Out For

A remodeling venture ignites your inner creativity and excitement. New ideas flow as you brainstorm about how to craft the perfect home for your family. However, a remodel can also bring about a plethora of nightmarish remodeling mistakes.

At Catalyst Construction, Inc., we’ve helped homeowners navigate these mistakes. Read about and avoid these five remodeling mistakes from Austin’s kitchen remodeling company.

#1 Remodeling Before You Experience the Property

After moving into a new home, you want to dive into finer details immediately. After all, you purchased a property to make it your own, right? But before making permanent changes, you should slow down and experience the property.

Give yourself about six months to a year to adjust before breaking ground on a new home improvement project. During this period, you can adjust to your new home and figure out what actually works vs. what doesn’t. You’ll also learn how to work with the aspects you want to keep. 

#2 Diving in Without a Detailed Plan

A good rule of thumb is to never jump into a renovation project without establishing:

  • Your renovation budget
  • The aesthetic you want to achieve
  • The building materials you’ll purchase
  • How your desires will fit into your kitchen
  • Building permits required to legally begin remodeling

Without a detailed plan, your kitchen remodel will fall apart before it begins. Once you’ve established a solid plan, the pitfalls of the remodeling process disappear one by one.

When estimating your budget, assume you’ll pay a little more than your exact figure. Doing so prevents you from overspending. You should also leave room in your budget to hire professional remodeling contractors to circumvent the dangers of a DIY kitchen remodel.

#3 Not Considering Custom Options

The entire process’s success depends upon how well each new element can fit into your kitchen. Generic retail products tempt homeowners to save money. However, these mass-manufactured products don’t always fit into the grand scheme of your kitchen.

Budgeting or shopping only for cabinets, appliances, and other significant kitchen features is one of the biggest kitchen remodeling mistakes. These items often lack the quality materials and durability that you need when whipping up meals day after day. Shop custom providers who keep quality, versatility, and personalization at the forefront of their product design. 

#4 Choosing Fashion Over Function

Everyone wants a Pinterest-ready kitchen that features sleek designs, attractive materials, and artfully placed appliances. Few kitchens can actually accommodate such designs. Balance fashionable aspects with what your kitchen will realistically handle. 

#5 Hiring Contractors from Separate Companies

Are you ready to manage and juggle architects, interior designers, and building contractors? If not, hire a remodeling company that provides an entire team. Such companies have already built the all-important team dynamic and will streamline communication efforts. A reputable company with a dream team can also help you avoid common home improvement scams.

Avoid All Remodeling Mistakes with Catalyst Construction, Inc.

At Catalyst Construction, Inc., we boast a creative, well-equipped team who can assist you with everything from avoiding remodeling mistakes to providing tips when choosing a contractor for your kitchen remodel. Call us at 512-535-0544 to get a quote.

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